I am:
Lambeth, London, United Kingdom
Lip Stick, Blusher, Nail Varnish, Foundation, Eyel Liner, Eye Shadow, Perfume, Other.. 
Stiletto Heels 
In my own words:

I am a genuine pleasure giver to M-E-N. I meet for REAL and serve cock FOR REAL.
I am only here to pleasure men sexually and so , firstly , you NEED to live in my home town OR visit my home town occasionally.

I live in South Central London UK

i am a tall, smooth, slim (skinny!), feminine, transvestite.
My body is smooth and my own natural hair is long.

i live alone and can accommodate and i do not travel. Married, partnered and single men (or groups of men) welcome, i am absolutely confidential and hyper-discreet.

I am attracted to MEN and masculinity only. I am not attracted in any way to females or tgirls , so girls , please do not mail me or "favourite" me, thank you.

There are TWO distinct types of men I like to serve.

First Group
I seek to meet only BLACK and Dark Skinned men for normal “vanilla” sex
(e.g African , Caribbean, Mixed Race, Indian/Pakistani Asian, Dark Arabic Nubian types etc...) aged 16 - 49yrs who's weight is in proportion to height.
i am passive , you are active .
i am feminine, you are 100 percent masculine.
i am "all woman", you are "all man"
i am sexually insatiable, you will be too
i can be sensual and loving or experimental and kinky, very kinky if you like! i am unshockable.
You will be assertive, confident, know what you want and not leave until you get it.
i only practice safe sex.

*** Alas , i have HAD to add the following :- No, a white guy with a tan is not going to cut it as far as vanilla sex is concerned. , No - i don't care in the slightest if your penis is "bigger than any black man"! My preference is about CONTRAST and not c*ck size and, to the ignorant , it is not racism it is just a preference. ***

Second Group

i am rarely attracted white men. The white men i am attracted to tend to be a total contrast to me (as in my preference for black men - total contrast)
So , the white guys I may be attracted to - for regular sex - are hyper masculine , thuggish OR hyper hairy - hairy as a gorilla , front , back , arse - EVERYWHERE!
A white guy who is hyper-muscled too , a bodybuilder or power lifter.
OR he may be none of the previous examples BUT he is a DOMINANT KINKY Top who likes to train and use tgirls like slut slaves. He will be a Dom and his profile will reflect this.
Bondage , gags, chains, throat fucking, anal , fisting, toilet training, using and abusing subs will be some of his desires. He will be nasty and like to use subs like sexual objects who exist to bring him perverted pleasure.

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