I am:
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Lip Stick, Blusher, Foundation, Eyel Liner, Eye Shadow, Other.. 
Tights, Stockings, Thongs, Knickers, G-Strings, Other.. 
In my own words:

I am a closet crossdresser. I used to live in Sydney, but last year, I moved to Canberra. I am 45 years old 5ft 10inc and 100 Kg. I am married and work in software consultant firm.
I am born East Indian, migrated to Australia 15 years back. I started my curiosity about dressing up 10 years back, and in last 6 six years I started actively dressing up.
My favourite outfit, saree (Indian dress) and sleeveless, blouse. I love putting makeup and wig and look gorgeous. I also like a party dress, but I guess I do not have that figure to wear a short skirt.
I kept the dressing away from my wife. But she found out. It was the most traumatic time. I stopped dressing thinking I want to keep peace in my life. But slowly I started missing dressing up. So I started buying clothes, makeup, wig jewellery. I used to have Praha time at least once a week before I got caught again. Long story short I was caught again, and I had to throw my gear and my old pictures. As usual thinking, I will stop all these. But I am wrong again, and here I am back.
I haven’t dressed at all for last six months because I do not have clothes, makeup and simply not alone time.
I am looking for friends and someone whom I can share my thoughts. Being a closet crossdresser is a worst of a kind, I guess. We are a lonely bunch of people.
I would love to make a portfolio with different outfits, that will be fun.

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