Your behaviour, including the content you post on the internet is very important and can have all sorts of ramifications and this is by no means any less important on CrossDressingVillage (CDV).

If you are polite, genuine, law abiding and friendly, you will always be welcome to CrossDressingVillage and its services.

General rule to remember is that CrossDressingVillage is a CrossDressing site (emphasis bring on the word “dressing”).

In the interest of a pleasant and friendly environment, to protect our users and our own interests, we have zero tolerance on content containing any:

(a) Contact information.

(b) Copyrighted material.

(c) Spam or advertising.

(d) Harassment or stalking.

(e) Abusive behaviour.

(f) Racist, sexist or any defamatory language.

(g) Illegal activity or its encouragement.

(h) Slander or malign.

(i) Sale of service or product.

(j) Nonsensical or gibberish sentences.

We also have the following additional restrictions on profiles:

(k) Communication messages.

(l) Membership status - people know you are not a VIP as you have no star on your profile photo.

If your profile violates our content standards, please use the button below to make amendments asap.

Edit Profile

What to do if you spot any Violations
Our moderators work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep content to CrossDressingVillage standards. However our moderators are only human and it is not impossible to miss some violations.

Should you come across any violations, please help us by using the report link found next to the content in question and provide us with as much detail as possible. We will take the necessary action.

Please note that your report will be anonymous and we never reveal the source of any reported violations made to us.

Violations against Content Standards
We take violations against our content standards very seriously and reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account immediately.

This document was last updated on Nov 26, 2021

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