Multiple Orgasm Two - Role-playing (bad girl and her coach)

A week later I met a 58 year old guy at his hotel here on business. I asked him the same thing "do you want me to dress?" and he said yes. He sat in a chair as I undressed taking off my shirt, shorts and go to town panties. I then slipped in my black lace trimmed camisole and school girl pokadot panties. I sat down and put on my white lace topped thigh highs. I stood up and put on my plaid micro mini schoolgirl skirt. I looked at him and said "coach please don't tell my daddy you caught me in the boys locker room. He said why not, you had a cock in your hands fixing to suck it. I said I got in trouble last week and daddy punished me. The coach said well I just might tell if you don't convince me not to. I said he made me suck his cock and the coach said really, what will you do for me? I sat by him and he started kissing me (a first for me) and feeling my panties. As he was kissing me I slide my hand on his crotch and said take those pants off. He stood up and took off his clothes and I caressed his cock as he sat down and started kissing me again. After a few minutes I said let's lay down on the bed. He stretched out and I laid beside him and started licking his cock. As I was working my tongue over it he started getting hard and I then licked his shaft. He started feeling my panties and slid his hand in them. I started sliding the head of his cock in my mouth and sucking the head working my way down it. He was stroking my nipples and said suck my balls and I slid one in my mouth sucking it then I sucked the other one. He was pretty hard by then and I went back to work on that nice cock and it wasn't long he was breathing harder and stoking my (let's call it my clit) and I could feel his cock stiffing in my mouth. He stopped playing with my clit and thrust his cock upward and started filling my mouth with his cum. I sucked it and he laid back while I milked all the sperm I could get out of it. I sat up let him see my mouth full of cum and he watched as I swallowed it all. He was laying there and I said let see what I could do with his softening cock. He said go ahead but I don't think it would do any good. I worked it and sucked his balls for about thirty minutes when his cock started stiffening. I worked the head of it sucking it and running my tongue around it at the same time and sure enough he got hard again and another five minutes of sucking he was moaning again and had another orgasm. I didn't get much cum that time and I milked it with my hand and got to lick up a few of his last droplets of sperm. I laid back and he pulled down my panties and starting sucking my clit, it actually got stiff and he brought me to an orgasm, which rarely happens for me and I don't cum (prostrate surgery). As I was changing back into my street clothes he told me I was the best cock sucker he ever had, what a nice compliment.

I can dress as a school girl or just wear my panties and a "T" shirt. You can cum in my mouth. Here are two men I made cum more than once. Every word is true. I cannot host. I normally meet with guys here on travel, usually no bullshit with them.