Men can have multiple orgasms, let tell you about it:

Every word of these meetings is true.

Multiple Orgasm One - Role-playing (bad girl and her daddy)

I got to his hotel (he was in town on a job) and he met me outside and took me to his room. I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair of white pair of panties with a flower design on them. Then I put on a black nylon camisole with lace trim and sat down and put on a pair of white lace thigh highs. I stood up and put on my plaid schoolgirl micro mini skirt. Then I looked at him and said don't be mad at me daddy I'm sorry I was bad. Please don't punish me daddy He said why not? I said I won’t suck any more cocks daddy, I promise. He said you like sucking cocks, do ya? Why don’t you show me and make me feel better little girl. I’ll be good please don’t make me suck your cock daddy, ok daddy? He said no, so I kneeled down and started caressing his cock and looked at him and said you forgive me daddy? As I stroked it I started licking the head and slit and asked you like that daddy? He said yes and as I licked it I slowly slid the head in my mouth. He was getting erect then and I slid my mouth down the shaft and said lay down on the bed. I laid down next to him and start sucking his cock and said you want to feel my panties daddy? He said yes I do and he started caressing my panties. As I was sucking him he was getting fairly hard now and started feeling my clit, he slid his hand in my panties and slowly stroked it. I said, you like my clit daddy and he said yes, I then said you can lick it if you want daddy. He licked it for a few moments and his cock was hard as steel now. I asked are you gonna cum in my mouth daddy and he said yes I am. Soon he was moaning and started trembling a little and said I'm gonna cum now and boy did he. He must have had a several day load and he filled my mouth with his sperm. I milked it and licked it trying to get the last drop. As I did this his load tried to leak out of my mouth so I then swallowed it all. I went in the bathroom to clean the little bit of his sperm that dribbled on my chin and when I came out he was starting to get dressed. I said I bet I can make you cum again and he said he had never cum twice before. I got him back on the bed, laid down beside him again and started milking his cock with my hand and got a little more of his cum left to ooze out of his cock slit and I licked it up. I started sucking the head of his dick running my tongue around the top of his shaft and he started getting hard again. It wasn't long and he was hard and starting to moan a little and the he came again in my mouth, not a lot but enough for me to feel it on my tongue. I kept sucking that cock so it wouldn't get soft as I swallowed the little bit he gave me. And it wasn't very long he had another orgasm and I don't think he had any cum left because I didn't feel any with my tongue. He was amazed and I was proud. He laid back as I undressed and put my street clothes back on. He said he had to leave the next day but would probably be back again. I said you have my email are you going to let me know when you are in town? He said yes he would and then I said I wish he had a buddy that like his dick sucked, he said he did and maybe he would come with him next time. Sucking two cocks dry one after another is a cocksucker's wet dream and I hope it happens. I left him with a smile and an empty nut sack as I said before. I guess that makes me a cum slut.