Gender thoughts

As a person that love to appear fem,wear female clothes and be attractive to other people that have the same x-dress
desires I have often wondered who or even what am i exactly. I even went to a therapist back in the 80's in London to see what they said. I wanted to know if i was a male lesbian. I was told not to be stupid ,it was just a problem of being too attached to my mother. Sad thing is as an expert i took her words to heart and did not really explore the reality of who i am or was.Now the male lesbian is an accepted term, not by feminists,they hate us with as much passion as they can,look at Miss Greer.She preaches hate against people like you and me. However people that now talk about anon binary gender society are open to the fact people like us can exist outside the norm of male and female.
I often think of myself as bisexual, not with males per se but i love women and other cross-dressers.I am gender queer in the sense i i see myself as a trans "gender" and am attracted to others like me outside the binary system of sexual identities.
Which basically means if you clean and not hairy and are wearing the right clothes and have a sweet disposition i would happily have you take me to the clouds.As long as you thank me after . xox