a first look

I have been a cross-dresser or transgender for ever and am so happy that the internet arrived and saved me. Even digital photos have improved my life amazingly.I can take photos and judge myself. With the internet and sites that are trans friendly i can allow others to judge me to. Find support and dare i say even love and affection. It is so important in a cold world to realise i am not alone and there are many girls all having similar exes of loneliness or insecurities.
Feel free to contact me am so ready for a bit of support and loving.

Thank you for reading




So true. I love looking at my photos whem I'm dressed up. Especially my stocking clad legs and a pair of hot heels.


.I could not agree more.Sometimes i feel a bit like a dinosaur but i manage to keep up with lots of things and i just do whats comfortable for me. Above all i look and how i have developed as a gurl that can be comfortable with my gender.How i look when i really put an effort in.Comfortable that i am outside the binary two gender world of old .I am happy to let others lead that fight for me.I just want to sit back and take full advantage of it from my side.


This age has saved a fair many of us. And sharing pics is so much fun!