You are very sexy. I am a closet dresser too but I have been caught multiple times by both friends and family so it’s not such a secret anymore. I would love to be able to dress up real nice and go out like to the mall and just walk around with high pumps on and a sexy dress and just feel sexy and feminine and walk into a LaSenza or Victoria Secret and pick out sexy bras and especially panties ( I love picking out new panties!! Smile ) and a sexy new bra and
maybe new lingerie too, then going into Sephora for new makeup. I have never got worked up the courage yet. However I do love shopping for panties and lingerie and I go into my favourite underwear store LaSenza and over the years I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not scared anymore to pick out underwear for myself and I don’t hide that I am shopping for myself anymore. I love getting all dolled up at home and taking pictures of myself wearing sexy dresses and outfits.