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I have COPD not the plague.

Why is it that whenever people find out you have a disability or a health issue they run a mile as if you've got the plague? I have COPD trough working out in all weathers on the railway and breathing in the fumes of the Diesel Locomotives. It is a respiratory condition and i rely on Inhalers, It is not the Black death, you cant catch it,  However it would be nice to meet someone to chat with , have a coffee with, but all this seems like a fantasy, It would be nice if someone started a grou…

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<h3>&lt;font&gt;&lt;font&gt;Estaba disfrutando el momento de mi transformacion, contenta y exitada decidi fotografiarme, despues de retratarme me percate de no haber cerrado la ventana, viendo a mi vecino espiando tras las cortinas, me invadio una sensacion entre verguenza y exitacion, decidi continuar con las fotos, mas explicitas y hot, delicadamente me fui bajando las bragas y enseñandole mi hermoso y depilado trasero, bien aceitado y reluciente, quede muy exitada pensan…

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So so smooth...

Mmmm what better way to start a Sunday than a long hot shower and shave so I am so silky smooth! Just rolling some silk stockings on and have the prettiest lace panties to wear. Cannot help getting somewhat turned on. Just the sight of my sex under lace and that lace trim with the sweetest little bow. Sigh, just want someone to take them down again, but ever so slowly with little kisses down my stocking covered thighs. Love keeping my heels and stockings on at playtime especially with someone eq…

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Hi any anyone interested in requesting the site to create a chat room? If so please request.It would create a lot more communication & allow people to have a greater bond. Think about the advantages ..particularly during these times of isolation. It would be so easy to maintain an effective communication & allow members to share their experiences & challanges.The current communication system creates a time lag which impacts on effective communication.Hi any anyone interested in reque…

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A brief history of me as a crossdresser

Hello everyone!I'm Kyshari a closet crossdresser who loves taking photos and videos of her dressed up and madeup.I'm not looking for a partner just friendship.My personal blog for those interested:https://bustykyshari.blogspot....My YouTube chanel: started crossdressing for the first time at the age of 16.The first thing I used was a huge bra from my neighbor that I stole it from her bathroom.I had to fill in that huge bra because I wanted to see mysel…

Secretly crossdressing in friend's clothes

Secretly crossdressing in friend's clothes

I have a naughty habbit of secretly raiding and wearing other women's pretty clothes and heels! The rush of possibly getting caught, its intoxicating!! I have a particular female friend that I have raided more than once! I love all of her clothes and shoes very much! I like to mince around in her bathroom while she is away from home and model for sissy selfies!! The thought of her busting me while I sashay around in a pretty dress and her shoes is so arousing! Never got caught, but I always…

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My coming out is coming.

I have known from the time of 5 that I wanted to be a female it is part of who I am. I grew up in a time when changing sexes was unheard of., so I have lived my life as a male and hated most of it. I am married for 48 years now to a wonderful woman who has turned out to be not only my wife but my best friend.  By accident she found one of my night gowns that I had washed and the next day she ask me about where it came from and I told her the whole truth, it has been the best thing that coul…

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Multiple Orgasm Two - Role-playing (bad girl and her coach)

A week later I met a 58 year old guy at his hotel here on business. I asked him the same thing "do you want me to dress?" and he said yes. He sat in a chair as I undressed taking off my shirt, shorts and go to town panties. I then slipped in my black lace trimmed camisole and school girl pokadot panties. I sat down and put on my white lace topped thigh highs. I stood up and put on my plaid micro mini schoolgirl skirt. I looked at him and said "coach please don't tell my daddy…

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Men can have multiple orgasms, let tell you about it:

Every word of these meetings is true.Multiple Orgasm One - Role-playing (bad girl and her daddy) I got to his hotel (he was in town on a job) and he met me outside and took me to his room. I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair of white pair of panties with a flower design on them. Then I put on a black nylon camisole with lace trim and sat down and put on a pair of white lace thigh…

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lets have a girly tea party

any cd girls from doncaster area want to get together for a daytime dress up (and who knows what else) looking for my first time meet with other like minded girls i would be nervous at first but im sure that will settle xxxxx anyone intrested xxxxxhellen xxx

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i so want to dress up tonight do my nails and slip on my heels, and just chill out around the house, but daughter is here

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I'm bisexual

yes, it's true, 23 year old bisexual CD, message me if you want :)

Picture of joandemi, CrossDresser 61 years old, from Ascoli Piceno Marken

Gender thoughts

As a person that love to appear fem,wear female clothes and be attractive to other people that have the same x-dressdesires I have often wondered who or even what am i exactly. I even went to a therapist back in the 80's in London to see what they said. I wanted to know if i was a male lesbian. I was told not to be stupid ,it was just a problem of being too attached to my mother. Sad thing is as an expert i took her words to heart and did not really explore the reality of who i am or was.No…

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47 Today

Wow, birthdays always have been a good time for me. I usually get to talk to friends and have a laugh or two, more like 10 to 15 with my friends!Today I changed it up a bit and went home early from work and tried on a new dress that I got from Old Navy this past weekend. Sadly not a ton of time to go out and visit a couple of friends who enjoy this side of me!I have gone out about a handful of times, each I get braver and braver. My first time out was to a local park near a lake on a super windy…

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a first look

I have been a cross-dresser or transgender for ever and am so happy that the internet arrived and saved me. Even digital photos have improved my life amazingly.I can take photos and judge myself. With the internet and sites that are trans friendly i can allow others to judge me to. Find support and dare i say even love and affection. It is so important in a cold world to realise i am not alone and there are many girls all having similar exes of loneliness or insecurities.Feel free to contact me…