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sylvia posted on Tina's wall:

Hi Tina, thank you for your kind comment, love the shoes

Tina posted on Charrella's wall:

Why not write something seeing you have no photo lol xx


I do not know what to say xP, do you have a question for me:p?

Tina posted a new blog:
Now, all throughout history crossdressing has existed. But there has always been double standards. Examples below ladies please.. I will start it with....Women can wear men's trousers and no one batters an eye lid. We put on a skirt and hell breaks loose (not so much these days - glad to say).

Okay, I will follow through with.. GGs can wear big manly boots and no one would say anything to that. lol

Tina posted a new blog:
I am not a novice at crossdressing and I love it very much. But!!! I am still learning new tricks from other members from other sites like CCD. So, I was wondering how great it would be to have members posting their tips and ideas to help us girls with makeup and ways to be more fem? Any suggestions would be…