Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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I have been wearing panties since I was a teenager over 50 years. I love the way they feel and the support they provide. I am straight and not a sissy or want to be a girl. I wish this was accepted as normal so I could wear them in the gym or on doctor’s visits. I don't think of this as strange and will never stop wearing them. Women are lucky to have such a variety of panties to wear that matches their mood. I love Vanity Fair panties for everyday use. I also love Lane Bryant lace “Tanga” parties and wear them quite often. Thongs are ok if you find some that are wide at the gusset so your balls don't fall out when you swing your legs up getting in a truck or on your tractor. I like to take walks in the woods wearing only a "T" shirt and panties, sometimes I will wear a mini skirt. The freedom I feel during these walks is exhilarating. For me there is no other underwear.

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A week later I met a 58 year old guy at his hotel here on business. I asked him the same thing "do you want me to dress?" and he said yes. He sat in a chair as I undressed taking off my shirt, shorts and go to town panties. I then slipped in my black lace trimmed camisole and school girl pokadot pan…
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Every word of these meetings is true. Multiple Orgasm One - Role-playing (bad girl and her daddy) I got to his hotel (he was in town on a job) and he met me outside and took me to his room. I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I took my c…