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I've spent fifty years denying my gender identity. Now I'm out and about, literally, and loving it. This is the real me I've been hiding away all these years.

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Krystina posted on Marika's wall:

I've only just joined this site Marika. It's interesting to see that there are some other women like us in the area. Christina

  • summertime01 (Inactive)

    . . . and happy new year to you too. X

Marika posted on Kayedee's wall:

Wrong part of the world, I'm afraid. I've met up with a couple of folks from here and CDZ for a drink and chin wag. Manchester I can do, Or, If can't, but good luck anyway.

  • Marika

    OZ I meant... Autocorrect has much to answer for...

Marika posted:

Happy New Year to all, may it bring all you are hoping for.

  • Marika

    Well, I'm hoping to make Sparkle in the summer, so I need some new outfits. Any excuse..

  • Marika

    Oh... Comments are disappearing.... Again, then, thankyou. I like the sophisticated look, just as I like the tarty look.

  • Marika

    If you go to a picture that has comments left under the old site, they are not showing and there is no way to see them, yet it says x comments at the bottom of the picture.

  • admin

    Are you sure the comments are not working? Smile