you're not alone

okay I really didn't understand why I felt this way and had these desires in that I wanted to dress like this so I feel weird like something was wrong for so long but after talking to one of my CD sisters and she's related to me and I don't feel so weird anymore I feel like I don't know like its okay it might not be accepted by some people but I know is people out there that will accept me like this .we need to connect with one another buy cell phones Skype any means necessar…

Crossdresser Anonymous

One thing that seems to get to me is really hard to put into words I'm going to have a go here so please stay with me I've seen groups for alcoholism drugs anger management heck I've even seen groups for take that addiction lol People look at me some say hey look at that dude he's totally rocking self expression others don't think past FREAK But me sometimes I just want to sit down and talk to people who share my view or at least understand I where I am coming from I sit…

Work Boring but stylish lol

I consider myself very lucky with my job I don't get to wear a 3 piece skirt suit with sensible heels ala office chique but I do get to wear skinny jeans My Little Miss Bad Tshirts and New Rock boots throw in a few goth accessories and my really long Hair and it's almost fun to be at work lol I have been known to turn up in a skirt a few times though Like I said I'm very lucky The people I work with find it mildly amusing and are overall quite accepting of my quirks it's half…

so I'm a little Goth Rock chick

I suppose like every other crossdress story mine started a long time ago, I was always jealous of the girls at school and the freedom they had to look so good Over the years I have experimented with alsorts of looks and outfits but it was my passion for heavy loud live music The atmosphere the power and the energy from rock music that steered me towards self discovery I'm starting to finally feel happy about myself Im not sure about those around me but I can't really make them happy by…

Fire and Ice

Time is ephemeral slipping by sweetly to the abyss.The hurt we feel now will pass as everything does. Yes, my dear, even this.When we reach the harbour at life’s end and the sea drifts in the stanzas of my rhyme,The storms we weathered will be but misty-eyed memories drifting in time.Fire and ice; you fan the flames and I slide on the ice,Roll with the blows, go with the flow; that is my advice.The misty moon lights up the clouds scudding across the inky sky.As we travel this gravelled road ti…

a brief statement of where i am now

Hello ladies,Its odd howin a short time you all have been so helpful.. I joined cross dressing zone not to long ago and since then have learned confidence based on your courage. And i have grown in my maturity aswell as my styke and carry of myself in dress........ Thank you all so much. So in my sttuggle to be a passable dresser and still be manly when im not dressing i finally bought my self a gaff and breast forms... And im feeling as tho im well on my way to becoming passable... Still need a…


Ok, I tried this yesterday and it disappeared...So there we are waiting for the crossing lights to change."Did you notice that car that just went past?" She asked."No," I replied."The driver was checking out your legs."I was wearing the little red dress with a short coat, so the legs were on display. Now that my attention had been drawn to it, I did mention when we got back from our short shopping trip that I had noticed another guy eyeing up the pins - and he wasn&…

Oh, Well...

Things are looking up a bit from a few days ago. I'm meeting up with my friend on Friday, so get to dress again. Life seems to be a bit of a roller-coaster at the moment. The more I dress, the more I want to stay that way. Transitioning is a goal that is unreachable for me as I have too much to lose, but the desire is strong.

hello to all u, my sisters

i love wearing bra with lace, tight tank tops and transparent, skirts at home without panties or wearing a nice thong with lace. i'd like to go out wearing in this way with the right make up and the right (g)friends

Breat Massager

just got 1 today and wow.what a lovely sensation and if you up the revs you can simulate a cardiac arrest.see if it works on my 2 girlies.

my first blog

hello im on the pueraria mirifia route to boobies and am into makeup.(doing a makeup course).any tips to share on these and other general stuff would be nice.

October Goes

The weather changes and so it goes.The sun gives way to rain and cold wet toes.Soon the mellow autumn will pass for winter snows.And I’ll be a little sad when October goes.The clock turns back and afternoon rain in neon glows;Leaden skies, empty branches and cawing crows.Fields once ploughed mud now are froze.It’s a little greyer when October goes.At the year’s ebb we wait for the flows;Meanwhile the cold hurts my nose.I turn my collar up as the east wind blows;I’m a little blue as Octob…

So It Goes

Deep in the heart of nowhere,My soul seeks its theme.From the forests of magical lands,And the shores of Mirador,I seek the elusive dream.My spirit is the pale scented rose.Time and again, so it goes, so it goes.I drift along and try not to care.Hope, love and ambition but memes.Hot desert winds stir the Sahara sands.I’ll travel this way no more,For life is not what it seems.My soul is wilting like the autumn rose. And so it goes, so it goes.A sigh is but a ripple in a sea of despair,And reali…