hello to all u, my sisters

i love wearing bra with lace, tight tank tops and transparent, skirts at home without panties or wearing a nice thong with lace. i'd like to go out wearing in this way with the right make up and the right (g)friends

Things are looking up

This site seems to be sorting itself out. The profile fields continue to be shortened and refined, the 'keep it clean' warning has reappeared, the floosie with the purple boa has gone from the log-in page and LouLou seems to have, 'put it away'! It's good to be back, xSiobhan

Forgive me for hiding, but......

I joined this site from an announcement on the CDZ forum on the basis that it would be utterly respectable and not completely obsessed with dating. OK, it's early days and, whilst I'm not ready to flounce off, the alarm bells are pinging just a little bit. So, I'll be lurking around, (using the cloak of invisibility), for a while just to see how things shape up. If I like what I see, I'll start chatting with and showering cookies on everyone. If I don't, then a flounce w…

Breat Massager

just got 1 today and wow.what a lovely sensation and if you up the revs you can simulate a cardiac arrest.see if it works on my 2 girlies.

my first blog

hello im on the pueraria mirifia route to boobies and am into makeup.(doing a makeup course).any tips to share on these and other general stuff would be nice.

My other blog.....

I'll also dispense pearls of wisdom here when I get the chance. Love, Siobhan

October Goes

The weather changes and so it goes. The sun gives way to rain and cold wet toes. Soon the mellow autumn will pass for winter snows. And I’ll be a little sad when October goes. The clock turns back and afternoon rain in neon glows; Leaden skies, empty branches and cawing crows. Fields once ploughed mud now are froze. It’s a little greyer when October goes. At the year’s ebb we wait for the flows; Meanwhile the cold hurts my nose. I turn my collar up as the east wind blows; I’m a little bl…

So It Goes

Deep in the heart of nowhere, My soul seeks its theme. From the forests of magical lands, And the shores of Mirador, I seek the elusive dream. My spirit is the pale scented rose. Time and again, so it goes, so it goes. I drift along and try not to care. Hope, love and ambition but memes. Hot desert winds stir the Sahara sands. I’ll travel this way no more, For life is not what it seems. My soul is wilting like the autumn rose. And so it goes, so it goes. A sigh is but a ripple in a sea of desp…