Yesterday evening I was at a bar waiting to be served when the chap next to me said "this lady is first". Given that I wasn't presenting as female, I smiled. He was embarrassed and apologised, but I brushed it off. So, despite being dressed in male attire and despite the five o'clock shadow, my demeanour was still enough to convey "female" rather than male to the casual glance.Fine by me...

New experiences

Recently I was out and about and met up with a gurl friend. That night changed me, helped me to relieve that I have been missing out on much of life. I have decided that I am going tonot waste time and try and experience the things that I have been missing out on.

Taking it further

I just wonder how many here have actually had sex with another CD? I really want to try giving oral for the first time but don't know how to go about finding someone.


the only thing to regret about living the way that makes you happy, is that you waited so long to do it, f.t.w. be happy!

Hi I am New Here

Hi my name is SandyGirl / i am a closet cross dresser who doesn't get a lot of time to dress but when i do i love it! The feel , the trill and the Excitement is wonderful!I am a very submissive dresser / who loves the feeling of frilly clothes , and I love the color pink .. every thing i have and acquired is pink! I love haveing very full larger cup breasts , as big as i can get .. but in proportion to my body! Love having my hair/wig a certain way .. and enjoy how it looks on me! I am on h…

Time for a change.

I actually wrote this a few months ago, in a fit of genuine sincerity, and have proceeded to act on it, ever since (although to be fair, they're values/virtues/points-of-view that I've always held, anyway). But still, I believe it holds some important angles that everyone can benefit, and hopefully take some strength from also.Mostly, there's been overwhelming support for what I wrote, although the use of 'profanity' within has offended the delicate sensibilities of some…

All Experiences Relative

With a great fear of anyone knowing an overwhelming desire to wear woman's clothing I once ordered 5 inch stilettos online to be delivered poste restant at the nearest post office. Its crazy to think what is a normal experience for others could give so much joy as I walked away from the post office and peeked inside the shoe box. I think experiences like this can improve a person spiritually, if you can recognize the subjective nature and value of peoples passions on earth, no matter how th…

Ooops forgot.. one more.

I forgot one PMSL!Bit like the plastic spoon tip from my previous blog. If you are applying mascara, you can hold a business card behind your lashes and slap it on in a back and forth motion starting with roots. You can really slap it about this way, and coat every lash really fast!By the way, in my last blog I said use a plastic spoon and there is a reason. They don't get as cold as a metal spoon and they can do less damage.

Make Up Tips From Me.

My makeup Tips: 1. Use a spoon (Plastic) to apply mascara on your bottom lashes and not get any on the skin under eyes. It also helps you to add a much thicker coat.2: Using a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your skin and your lips. You can make a homemade lip exfoliate with everyday things like sugar and coconut oil, or easier but not as good, cover your lips in vaseline before scrubbing. Short but sweet.. but I hope it helps.

CrossDressing - is it that bad?

Now, all throughout history crossdressing has existed. But there has always been double standards. Examples below ladies please.. I will start it with....Women can wear men's trousers and no one batters an eye lid. We put on a skirt and hell breaks loose (not so much these days - glad to say).

Gardening love <3

Does anyone else garden? It's my second most favorite thing to do! I know it's only January but I can't wait until May so I can get some plants in the ground.I love putting plants into the ground, spending time with them, nurturing them and coming out with beautiful veggie's to preserve and be able to use during the winter! :) Anyone else?

Make up tips and tricks (Caution Results May Vary)

So there has been lots of girlie's trading and asking for tips thought I would get in on the action :-) It's all in the preparation and remember practice makes perfect Firstly if you are new to this it may be worth picking up some of the teenage girls magazine's bear with me on this one Remember teenage girls are really just starting to learn about 'womanhood' too so these magazine's are a gold mine of information (if you can tear yourself away from the bleeding hea…

Helping Each Other With Dressing

I am not a novice at crossdressing and I love it very much. But!!! I am still learning new tricks from other members from other sites like CCD. So, I was wondering how great it would be to have members posting their tips and ideas to help us girls with makeup and ways to be more fem? Any suggestions would be great.

Retrospection abounds...

Today is my 40th birthday, so as you can imagine, I'm sitting around at work reflecting on this past year. Early last year I fully came out to my GF that I wished to express myself as Caden fully by dressing and going out. I had revealed early on that I had an affinity for lingerie, but I had not revealed my deeper desires. At the time I did not see them being fruitful or being possible, so I saw no reason to saddle her with them. So I revealed to her my wish to occasionally dress as a woma…

Oh La La

SNCF are in trouble for providing make-up tips...…-tipsI thought they were fair enough, myself. I wonder what tips they provide for the women?