47 Today

Wow, birthdays always have been a good time for me. I usually get to talk to friends and have a laugh or two, more like 10 to 15 with my friends!
Today I changed it up a bit and went home early from work and tried on a new dress that I got from Old Navy this past weekend.
Sadly not a ton of time to go out and visit a couple of friends who enjoy this side of me!
I have gone out about a handful of times, each I get braver and braver. My first time out was to a local park near a lake on a super windy day. Nearly lost my wig!
I have visited a couple of friends for a couple of hours each, one time we even went out and walked in a local park.
Hope you all get to have some fun and enjoy who you are !

  • joandemi

    very happy birthday sweet gurl,love to see you being so happy and positive xox Joanie