my history about Jenny where I started and where I'm at now

Hello my story is that i have two sisters and my mom really brought me up as a girl.
I had dresses on from the start. Years later i married to a woman that had been with women for a long time.
Because i dressed very fem she loved having me as her lover and to this day she continues to promote me dressing i have breast long hair all because of her and my family. During the years I was involved with transgender issues using my computer way before the internet I ran a bulletin board and ran some of the first echo mail with my computer when the system was not in use I brought in 4 transgender groups of mail my computer had to dial out to other states on my dime and send and receive
the mail but it was worth every cent. I did that for 5 years then the internet started it was the wild west back then no spam no viruses. will add to this as I go

  • joandemi

    Jenny,sounds ideal ,although am sure there were many difficulties to face and that you needed to be a brave person to come through.