Hi I am New Here

Hi my name is SandyGirl / i am a closet cross dresser who doesn't get a lot of time to dress but when i do i love it! The feel , the trill and the Excitement is wonderful!
I am a very submissive dresser / who loves the feeling of frilly clothes , and I love the color pink .. every thing i have and acquired is pink! I love haveing very full larger cup breasts , as big as i can get .. but in proportion to my body! Love having my hair/wig a certain way .. and enjoy how it looks on me!
I am on here to talk with other cross dressers , get ideas of where to by clothes/ what they and enjoy wearing and in general talk Girly Girl stuff! I am a nice person, great personality, get along with everyone.. and would love to chat and talk about this wonderful .. life style .. that we share. Feel free to send me a message .. and say Hi and chat.