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Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom
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I love lingerie and have done since I was young. I cannot pass and no longer seek to try. I am a self confessed fetishist. My reason for crossdressing is sexual-and I do see escorts who will assist me in this.
I really get turned on being with a woman while wearing lingerie, skirts and tops-and especially, high heels.

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I have just realised that I love getting damp panties. When I am travelling a distance to visit one of my ladies, I will wear a panty liner-in case I need to walk a distance from the car. But on a day to day basis, I love wiping my clitty with my fingers and then  licking  them clean. If I'm ho…
Janeborden posted a new blog:
I love wearing lingerie-all sorts really. However, I think that my favourites would be stockings and suspenders, panties and high heels. They were the first things I tried on when I first ventured to crossdress. They were my mothers undies and the sensation was amazing. I still can  feel the sensation of…